Lallemand attends Innovation Showcase at the Polytechnic campus.

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The School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks joins forces with the manufacturing industry on mutually beneficial partnerships.

Make an impact

There are four ways that partnering with the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks can make an impact on students and your business.

1. Sponsor a capstone project

Our industry partners provide students with a capstone project scope — a real-world, hands-on industry challenge to solve over the course of a semester enabling solutions for your business and career readiness among students. The industry partner provides mentorship throughout the capstone project, encouraging students’ creativity as they develop innovative solutions for the challenge at hand. Throughout the semester, and at the culminating showcase event, our industry partners can engage in recruitment opportunities for our top manufacturing and engineering talent.

Learn more about eProjects at ASU.

2. Research with us

Partner with our faculty and students on a research opportunity and collaborate with us to generate solutions for your business. Do this by leveraging our Manufacturing, Automation and Data Engineering Science and Technology Center, or MADE STC — home to the latest in manufacturing capabilities where we are enabling research innovation, entrepreneurship and tech transfer to enhance manufacturing competitiveness.

3. Provide cooperative educational experiences

Industry partners can integrate real-world lessons into our academic curriculum, making our programming more valuable to students. Examples may include: providing an internship or externship pipeline or sponsoring student organization activities, among other opportunities.

4. Mentorships

Our students are eager to learn about your industry perspectives! Become a mentor, guest lecturer or join a seminar series. Sharing your experiences, career pathway advice and rules for success help make our students become industry-ready.

Contact us to become a partner

If you are interested in learning more, contact Tim Beatty.

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Tim Beatty

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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

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Partnerships in action

Lallemand attends Innovation Showcase at the Polytechnic campus.

Capstone project sponsored by Lallemand Baking

Students in the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks and The Polytechnic School were tasked with determining if cooling towers are an effective alternative to mechanical chillers, a switch that could reduce Lallemand’s utility costs by up to $800,000 annually.

Manufacturing research happening at Keng Hsu's lab at ASU's Polytechnic campus

Research collaboration with PADT, Inc.

PADT Inc., a leading provider of numerical simulation, product development and 3D printing products is working with ASU manufacturing faculty to develop new technologies to keep up with their new manufacturing demands.

Honeywell guest lecture at ASU Polytechnic campus.

Honeywell guest lectures

Doug Bingham, senior director of manufacturing technology for Honeywell and guest lecturer, discusses additive manufacturing concepts with a class of engineering students. Read more to learn how this partnership benefited Fulton Schools students and Honeywell.