An ASU Engineering student, wearing a lab coat, measures bright green light being emitted in a dark room by germicidal optical fibers.

Bridging entrepreneurship and impact

ASU programs drive tech innovation in manufacturing, clean energy and environmental engineering

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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU new faculty emblem for fall 2023

Welcome, new faculty!

Join us in welcoming more than 50 new faculty to the Fulton Schools. These talented professionals bring skills and insights from leading laboratories and industry innovators across the nation and the world.

A historic 1943 structure that served as a check-in site still stands at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Photo by Connor Morse

ASU engineering, honors graduates land job at renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alumni Connor Morse and Bryan Carton are gaining experience in research and development and say ASU set them up for success.

3D-printed structures made by Arizona State University Associate Professor Dhruv Bhate’s research lab, 3DX Research, show the range of junctions found in the Venus’ flower basket sea sponge’s exoskeleton. Bhate is exploring structural engineering designs inspired by the exoskeleton’s lattice structure. Photographer: Sona Srinarayana/ASU

Sea sponge skeleton sparks innovative engineering designs

Associate Professor Dhruv Bhate is using design principles inspired by nature to advance sensor detection and energy absorption technology.

Wenlong Zhang drone

Built to bounce back

Associate Professor Wenlong Zhang has developed a drone that endures collisions to achieve higher potential during search and rescue operations.

Degree programs

The School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks is a new school for a new time. The transdisciplinary nature of the school’s curriculum, research portfolio and industry engagements is preparing students to be leaders of the processes and systems that will drive the future of manufacturing.

Dan Aukes works with three students on a prototype in his lab.

Manufacturing engineering, BS

Undergraduate students in the manufacturing engineering program learn to design cost-effective, sustainable products and processes to quality and functionality in ASU’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Tom Sugar talks with another researcher while they both look at a device Tom is holding

Manufacturing engineering, MS

Students in the manufacturing engineering master’s program will develop technical expertise in manufacturing processes or manufacturing systems and management.

Arizona State University students doing robotics and autonomous systems research in Associate Professor Wenlong Zhang's lab, part of the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, located at the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Arizona.

Robotics and autonomous systems, MS

Students in the robotics and autonomous systems master’s degree program (systems engineering concentration) will identify, model, analyze, interpret, optimize and manage the multidimensional interactions of increasingly complex modern mechatronic and robotic challenges.

A student works in a systems engineering lab surrounded by several complex mechanical systems

Systems engineering, PhD

The systems engineering doctoral degree program advances students’ understanding of complex engineering systems. Students will learn how to manage systems that encompass technological, social, cultural and environmental components that impact the input, output and interactions within a system.

Manufacturing research at ASU Polytechnic campus' Innovation Hub

Manufacturing engineering, PhD

The manufacturing engineering doctoral degree program provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully meet the most difficult challenges of modern manufacturing industries on a global scale.

Dgruv Bhate holds up a sample of a 3D printed hexagon structure modeled after a beehive

Thriving at the forefront of technology innovation,

an innovative manufacturing curriculum and industry collaboration are top priorities for the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks.

Since arriving at Arizona State University, I’ve been connecting with the faculty and staff at MSN and across the Fulton Schools and we are thrilled to be accelerating and expanding a robust advanced manufacturing ecosystem at ASU — one that will impact the state of Arizona and the country as a whole.

Factories of the future

See how the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks is leading the way to the future of industry.

Manufacturing of the future is going to involve pushing the edge of what has come before and taking it into new territory to provide new services and new products. Completely new materials and systems are needed to enable that.

Associate Professor Dhruv BhateSchool of Manufacturing Systems and Networks