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Degree programs

Dan Aukes works with three students on a prototype in his lab.

Manufacturing engineering, BS

Our undergraduate manufacturing engineering program uses hands-on projects provide students with a venue to design cost-effective and environmentally friendly products and processes with the required functionality and quality standards.

Tom Sugar talks with another researcher while they both look at a device Tom is holding

Manufacturing engineering, MS

A master’s degree in manufacturing engineering will prepare you to consider all aspects of integrated systems, leading to the output of high-quality, economically competitive products and processes. Special attention is focused on smart manufacturing techniques that are optimized for sustainability, efficiency, cost and performance.

A student works in a systems engineering lab surrounded by several complex mechanical systems

Systems Engineering, PhD

The systems engineering PhD degree program is aimed at advancing the understanding of complex engineering systems. You will learn how to manage systems that encompass technological, social, cultural, and environmental components that impact the input, output and interactions within a system.