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Message from the director

Thriving at the forefront of technology innovation, an innovative manufacturing curriculum and industry collaboration are top priorities for the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks. 

Since arriving at Arizona State University, I’ve been connecting with the faculty and staff at MSN and across the Fulton Schools and we are thrilled to be accelerating and expanding a robust advanced manufacturing ecosystem at ASU — one that will impact the state of Arizona and the country as a whole. 

Future manufacturing engineers will be responsible for adopting digital methodologies and incorporating smart enabled assets on the factory floor to increase production yields and dynamically respond to customer requirements. The next generation of manufacturing engineers will have knowledge in manufacturing processes, computing technologies, data analytics and managing distributed yet digitally networked manufacturing resource locations.

As we launch into exciting territories ahead, the ASU Charter and the values we uphold across the Fulton Schools remain at the forefront as we design our culture and enhance our impact.

We are committed to doing our part in generating academic, research and economic opportunities for our students, faculty and industry members to succeed in an environment that is known to quickly evolve. It is our privilege to be able to play a role in building a workforce that can meet the current and future demands of the manufacturing sector of the economy.

This tremendous opportunity is multifaceted and working integrally with faculty and students across the Fulton Schools of Engineering and ASU is critical to this initiative’s success. ASU has developed an environment that encourages fundamental and translational research to impact society while recognizing partnerships and collaborations are key to pursuing solutions to large problems. Our goal is to integrate this mindset into our strategies.

Our team consists of not only dedicated faculty and staff at the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks, but our community and industry partners who are just as committed to the growth of manufacturing in the Valley and around the world. Their perspectives are invaluable and critical to the success of our school.

We look forward to delivering on our visions and celebrating our future successes with you. 

Thank you for your support.

Binil Starly

Director and Professor
School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks
Arizona State University

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Binil Starly

Director and Professor

[email protected]


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